Tak for en hyggelig formiddag med GIS og skovkort d. 15/12.

Som lovet er her lidt om shortcuts og style presets til Qgis. Skulle en af jer have lyst til at komme i praktik hos os, så er der et link til vores opslag SL18.

Mange hilsner

Sigrid, Rasmus, Frederik og Anders



Download shortcuts.zip and extract the file.
To install the shortcuts open QGis and go to Settings -> Configure shortcuts. Then press Load in the bottom left and navigate to where you unpacked the file and select the file called shortcuts.xml

The shortcuts are as follows

A – Add feature, creates a new polygon, line or point.
F – Fill ring, cuts a part in an existing polygon, must be fully inside the polygon.
C – Split feature(cut), splits a polygon or line. Use this when you want to split a polygon(not cut a hole).
I – Identify feature (Info tool), this opens the features form.
M – Merge selected features, this merges polygons into one.
N – Node tool, use this to select a single node on your polygons or line, also used for points.
S – Select Features(s), use this to select features
E – Toggle editing, toggle editing on/off for the layer you have selected in the layer tree.
These shortcuts are not project specific. They are “installation” specific meaning that it is working across all your QGis projects once you have this loaded.

Style presets guide